Sales Campaigns

Did you know that for every 100 people who visit a website only one actually buys something? What about the other 99? They just go away. This doesn’t mean they didn’t like the products or services. Oftentimes they are interested, but for some reason  they aren’t sure about the offerings.

What happens is that many companies miss out on these potential customers because they simply do not have a content marketing strategy to attract and retain these potential buyers and have a second chance to sell to them.

Companies that strategically target sales campaigns based on segmentation, engagement, and well-structured offerings not only can draw these leads and build a connection with them, but also build opportunities to show how much their products and services will help them. See below

Here at B+ Comunicação every strategy of online sales campaigns is centered on the desired customer profile and the brand itself. We play the role of “cupid” in this story. Our goal is to match consumers and brands. That is, we analyze, we analyze and plan the ideal content strategy to provide the perfect match between brands and potential customers so that everyone is happy and satisfied. We help brands turn strangers into customers and customers into multi buyers. All carefully designed to make the customer experience with the brand the best possible.

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